Giga Chicken


Get eggcited to eggsamine the newest addition to our flock.  We guarantee it is all its cracked up to be! If you are egghausted by all the eggpectations of the world don't worry, this eggstraordinary poultry is an eggcellent cure to any eggistential crisis and is always sunny side up.  

Scramble to get yours shipped eggspress today! 



Size: Big!

Firmness: Super Soft

Color: Black Highlight over Ice

Notes:  GITD


Measurements: 4" tall, 5.25" long, 3.5" wide

Giga seedlings are made out of the same body safe silicone as our toys, though they are not intended to be used as a sex toy, and we are not liable for any incident or mishap if they are used as such. They can be cleaned by boiling, with soap and water, or in a 10% bleach solution if they get dirty. Giga seedlings may have small imperfections such as nicks or air bubbles. They may also have mold quirks that are not listed such as scuffs or printer texture. These are normal for these toys and we will not refund drop or custom squishes for these mold quirks or small imperfections.

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