Art By: Quinncy Apophis    derangedleech.carrd.co


There is a creature that walks the grove, with slow measured steps of long clawed feet attached to beaded scaly legs. His neck extends long and thick from his shell to take in the surroundings but his wise bright eyes often seem distant, as though he carries the weight of the world. When you look closer, it appears he does. Upon the back of the giant turtle is a world of its own, a burden he carries with the serious pride of one who knows all of existence rests on his strong stable shell. The world upon his back seems familiar, it is not a globe at all, but an ever shifting landscape upon his shell.  For a moment you see the forest you played in as a child, the deep canyons you vacationed to with your friends, and a familiar winding tree lined path at twilight. It's all there, and if you continue to gaze at the familiar skylines and landmarks, you may find yourself back home, the grove a distant memory. But on through the wooded tracks of the Fantasy Grove walks Akappa the World Turtle, with the weight of the world upon his shell.



This item is made of platinum cured silicone, cosmetic grade mica and silicone pigments. We use body safe materials and aim to provide toys that are easy to clean and have a long lifespan. These toys are novelties and are not medical devices.  We are not responsible for any injury that occurs from use.  Please use these toys responsibly and respect the limits of your body and the toy.


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