Toy Care


Once you have found a creature you love and brought it home with you, you certainly want to care for it well so it stays with you for many years to come.  All our toys are made of platinum cured silicone, which is a strong flexible body safe substance that comes in multiple firmnesses. Platinum cured silicone has some stretch and bounce, but retains its shape. It is nonporous and can be sanitized between uses. It is not indestructible so avoid scrubbing it with abrasive surfaces or using your nails and teeth on your toy.


To clean your toy you can wash it with water and a toy friendly soap, which is a soap that does not contain silicone. We recommend Dawn dish soap for this.  Washing your toy before and after use will help keep it in good condition.  To further sanitize your toy you can boil it, we recommend placing it in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes and stirring if needed to avoid it resting against the bottom or side of the pot.  You can also use a bleach solution made from one part bleach to ten parts water to sanitize your toy.


Store your toy away from any other toys unless you know they are platinum cured silicone. Toys made of materials like PVC, jelly rubber, vinyl, and tin cured silicone may damage your silicone toys if stored touching each other.  Your toy should also be stored free of moisture. Dry it completely before storage and store in a place without moisture.


When using your toy, water based lube is the safest option for silicone toys.  Do not use silicone lubes with your toy, contact with silicone lube may damage your toy and permanently change the surface texture or make it unsafe for future use.