Art By: MinionScribble


There are some parts of the grove where none dare to tread, where old things guard treasures that passed out of time centuries ago.  In one such place, the venom of the creature who lays in wait has distorted the landscape over time. The woods here are filled with unfamiliar plants that glow and smoke, adapted to the poison this fierce guardian exudes. This is not a place you should have come, but curiosity can lead the best astray.  You can’t be sure if it was the call of the treasure, or the creature guarding it, that was so irresistible. As you approach you hear a hissing sound rising up all around you and the stones before you begin to move.  Quickly you realize they aren’t stones, but coils of scales that surround you. The Basilisk looms before you; his eyes are fiercely intelligent and that piercing gaze looks right into your soul. You know you should flee but you feel compelled to meet his gaze, and he responds to your boldness with a large fanged smile that could only be described as hungry.



This item is made of platinum cured silicone, cosmetic grade mica and silicone pigments. We use body safe materials and aim to provide toys that are easy to clean and have a long lifespan. These toys are novelties and are not medical devices.  We are not responsible for any injury that occurs from use.  Please use these toys responsibly and respect the limits of your body and the toy.


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