Customs are Currently Closed

Welcome to our customs page! We offer a variety of options for you to bring home a friend from the Grove made just for you.
Customs open on the first of each month at 6pm EST
A custom is when you choose a model, size, and firmness, and one of several custom types, and a toy is poured to your specifications. Our models are pictured on their individual model pages with a size chart to help you decide on sizing. If you need any assistance deciding firmness, we are happy to help guide you. 
Use our pricing guide to estimate your average custom cost.
These are the current custom types we offer:
Essential - A unique coloration made to represent the color of a specific character in it's natural habitat. Each model's Essential can be seen on their model page.  View our Essentials here.
Complete Surprise - You pick the model, size, and firmness, and the colors are a complete surprise, but never a single color.
Guided Surprise - You send in a picture or color palette as inspiration, but no specific pour instructions. If you want a specific pour (for example, "must have a drip" or "I would like a fade") please do not pick this option.
Full Custom - You pick the colors and the pour type. You may also submit lineart or a sketch of what you would like on your toy.