Art By: Venus    Wormhole Emporium     Twitter: @ultraohwormhole


If you come to the center of the grove and tread in the shallow pond filled with sparkling stones, if you get pulled down into the vast hidden depths by the giant squid and make it past in one piece, you'll find yourself in a wonderous ocean landscape. Seagrass and kelp sway gently and swift schools of fish dart in and out of a luminous coral reef. The coral itself almost seems to be breathing, and as you're trying to look more closely, part of the reef splits off and unfurls, a brightly colored coral dragon guarding the ancient reef. The dragon inspects you as intently as you inspect xem and you wonder after surviving the squid, if you'll get so lucky a second time. The dragon ungulates gracefully through the water as xe approaches you, and the mischievous look in xyr eyes turns that spark of fear into intrigue and excitement. Exploring this magical ocean depth hidden deep within the Grove may be a good idea after all! 



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