Pour Styles with Pride

Our pour styles are where you choose the technique used to pour the toy. Each toy is hand made so individual pours may vary


  • Solid color toy is simply one single color.
  • Split is one color on the shaft and a separate color for the base.
  • Marble is two to four distinct colors distributed randomly through the toy. Marbles may blend more in softer silicone than firmer ones.
  • Marbled fade is where the tip starts as one color, then the colors marble together with distinct bits of both colors in the middle, and then leading to a second color on the base.
  • Fade is a gradient from one color to the other poured as smoothly as possible.
  • Surprise Pride Pour is a surprise pour using the pride flag of your choice as inspiration. Please tell us which flag, or leave a link to the flag! Please don't describe a specific pour(s) or any other specifications aside from the flag, remember these are surprise pours!