Art By: Cayde


Mist shrouds the thickly wooded eastern corner of the grove and a full moon hangs low, shining so bright it almost lights up the treetops like daylight. The crisp scent of the first autumn leaves hangs heavy within the mist and a soft rasping sound of something heavy shifting over the leaves and moss can be heard. The night is still warm and humid but a cool breeze parts the fog, revealing the thick scaled coils of a serpent with a humanoid torso and head. The naga tosses her hair and laughs a deep musical laugh, her forked tongue flicking out to scent your fear and excitement. Her eyes beckon you forward, her hypnotic beauty and strong chiseled features inviting you to come closer as she lazily uncoils her tail and rears up, ready to greet you.





This item is made of platinum cured silicone, cosmetic grade mica and silicone pigments. We use body safe materials and aim to provide toys that are easy to clean and have a long lifespan. These toys are novelties and are not medical devices.  We are not responsible for any injury that occurs from use.  Please use these toys responsibly and respect the limits of your body and the toy.


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