Art By: Frosted Monster     www.frostedmonster.com 


Deep within the fantasy grove lies a small tranquil pond, filled with cool crystal clear water and beautiful opalescent river rocks gleaming from the bottom. It looks to only be a few feet deep if you were to wade into the very center. Those who dare to swim in the shallows quickly find all is not what it seems in the magical grove. From the cattails a tentacle erupts, easily stretching ten feet above the pond and thicker than a human waist. The giant waving arm grasps its prey and drags it deep into the depths, and suddenly what was a shallow pond is now a deep underwater cavern, home to the monstrous giant squid.  Some lucky adventurers may find the squid is not hungry today, but simply is looking for a playmate to bring back into its murky home.



This item is made of platinum cured silicone, cosmetic grade mica and silicone pigments. We use body safe materials and aim to provide toys that are easy to clean and have a long lifespan. These toys are novelties and are not medical devices.  We are not responsible for any injury that occurs from use.  Please use these toys responsibly and respect the limits of your body and the toy.


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