Made to Order Crow


How to Order

Building your own personal Crow is simple!

1. Choose a size
2. Choose a firmness
3. Choose a pour style
4. Choose your colors
5. Choose Add-Ons

Each made to order toy is hand poured and production may take up to a month.

Enjoy building your perfect denizen of the Grove, and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Firmness Options
Our firmness options let you customize how much squish your toy has!


  • Extra soft 0020 is super soft and squishy like a gummy candy.
  • Soft 0030 has a good amount of give and bend but springs back, like a gel insole
  • Medium 0050 still has some squish to the touch but is a little harder to bend, like a rubber eraser
  • Firm 10 A has very little give or bend, like a rubber band ball
Remember, the thicker the toy the firmer it will feel, so a large toy in soft may feel as firm as a small toy in medium.
Pour Styles
Our pour styles are where you choose the technique used to pour the toy. Each toy is hand made so individual pours may vary


  • Solid color toy is simply one single color.
  • Split is one color on the shaft and a separate color for the base.
  • Marble is two to four distinct colors distributed randomly through the toy. Marbles may blend more in softer silicone than firmer ones.
  • Marbled fade is where the tip starts as one color, then the colors marble together with distinct bits of both colors in the middle, and then leading to a second color on the base.
  • Fade is a gradient from one color to the other poured as smoothly as possible.
Once you've chosen size, firmness, and pour style, check out our color options as shown in our swatch chart. Some colors may not be available with some pour styles. Contact us if you'd like color recommendations or suggestions on which work well together!

Note: Larger flecks of pigment are normal in some colors, especially blues and purples. These are not considered whoopses and are not eligible for return or discount.
  • A drip color starts from the tip and drips downward but does not complete cover the underlying colors. Matte colors may be more opaque while non-matte colors may be more translucent
  • A highlight is a layer of color covering the whole toy in a way that highlights textures while still also showing the underlying colors. Matte colors may be closer to opaque while non-matte colors may be more translucent
Swatch Chart

This item is made of platinum cured silicone, cosmetic grade mica and silicone pigments. We use body safe materials and aim to provide toys that are easy to clean and have a long lifespan. These toys are novelties and are not medical devices. We are not responsible for any injury that occurs from use. Please use these toys responsibly and respect the limits of your body and the toy.

Due to the nature of these toys, all sales are final. Please be sure to read our returns and cancellations policy and terms of service here before purchasing. For information on the care and keeping of your toy check out our care sheet. The toy pictured is the one being purchased. If you are looking to get a toy in a size/firmness/color of your choosing, please visit our customs page to learn more.

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