Pack Size:(3) Pack of 3 individual Rocks
In stock!

Introducing ROCK

Rock is the very foundation in which we build our Grove and now you can take a little Rock home with you.

Rock is good for all types of activities
Squish it
, stack it, pet it, throw it, bite it, bop it, rock it

This item is for a pack of individual Rocks of a random assortment in various firmness's and colors. Rocks vary in size and range from 1" to 2 1/2" wide and are roughly 1/2" thick. The items you receive may not be one of the ones pictured. Requests for specific colors cannot be honored. Each pack is chosen at random.

Rock is lifecast from actual rock
Biting or chewing Rock may damage Rock
, please do not swallow pieces of Rock. Like real rock, Rock is not good for your insides.
Rock is made out of the same body safe silicone and pigment as our toys, but they are not for internal use. They may have small imperfections such as nicks or air bubbles.

Do not taunt Rock

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