Get ready to rock your world with STONE!

This squishy rock is a real gem.  Plus, it's perfect for throwing at pesky co-workers (just don't take it for granite). Rock on with STONE!

Stone is 2" tall, 2.25" wide, and 1.75" other wide.  It fits comfortable in the palm of most hands.

Stone has a specific gravity of 1.07 g/cc

When you receive Stone pet it, and tell it that it is a good Stone.  You should be proud of Stone.

Stone is lifecast from actual stone.
Biting or chewing Stone may damage Stone
, please do not swallow pieces of Stone. Like real rock, Stone is not good for your insides.
Stone is made out of the same body safe silicone and pigment as our toys, but they are not for internal use. They may have small imperfections such as nicks or air bubbles.

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